Using essential oils to walk into joy, an interview with Jeni Houston

Jeni Houston

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

February 12, 2020

Introduction to Episode

Using essential oils to walk into joy wasn’t something Jeni was planning to learn. Chemistry drop-outs, Michelle and Jeni, discuss how essential oils can support the whole body, and why the chemistry works. 

Podcast Episode Summary

Jeni Houston, aka “California girl/Super nerd”, found essential oils when her life was about to change. And, she started to use them regularly. The more she used them, the more she noticed they were the catalyst for her rediscovery of self and joy. 

In today’s episode, Michelle and Jeni talk about intentionally living in joy and how essential oils cans be the tool that helps to carry you through a really dark spot in your life into joy. Stay tuned through the end where Jeni gives a great list of how to get to know the oils better so you, too, can intentionally live in joy.


  • “I think quantum physics … is where spirituality meets science.” 
  • “[Living above the line] is intentional and takes work.”
  • “I’ve noticed that creating rituals and habits throughout the day leads to a greater level of consciousness and awareness in your mindset and how you want to go about your day.”
  • “Allowing myself to be me, fully me, more.”
  • “When I held back, I played small. When we do that, it feels yucky, and that brings us down.”
  • “Simple tools to start simply can be really powerful to help unlock things you weren’t even aware were hidden.” 
  • “For me the biggest shift was coming more into my self, feeling on purpose, really channeling love and compassion for myself first and that instantly expands to others around you.”
  • “When you change the chemistry of the oil, you change the therapeutic effectiveness.”

Recommended Resources

  • Emotions & Essential Oils: a Reference Guide for Emotional Healing, 6th Edition (Enlighten Healing, LLC, 2017)
  • Modern Essentials: a Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, 7th Edition (AromaTools, 2015)

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