Theresa Pridemore, an Interview

Theresa Pridemore and Michelle Lasley

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

January 22, 2020

Introduction to Episode

In this episode, Michelle and Theresa sit down and chat about soul-based or Spirit-led businesses. Theresa, growing from the world of marketing, has built a business where she guides empaths and healers on a journey of discovery that allows them to knit together all their passions with a core message. Learn a little bit about how Theresa works and other tools she’s created to help empaths, like herself, along the way.

Podcast Episode Summary

Michelle and Theresa talk about many things: empaths, storytelling, connections, money, and so much more. They also discuss some of Theresa’s past and current projects such as the Sovereign Oracle Deck, The Portland Tarot, and her upcoming work on archetypes. 


  • “Even my cleaning guy is an empath…”
  • Theresa’s mission: “To support healers, creatives, and visionaries to step fully into their genius body of work, be visible for their gifts, and claim their weird and woo without apology.”
  • “What I’m really doing is teaching empaths how to communicate their business.”
  • “I want to see healers and practitioners and visionaries … thrive in this world.”
  • “There is nothing worse for an empath than to have our intentions misconstrued.”
  • “Deciding you are here to make some money.” 
  • “We have to make peace with the fact we are predators.” 
  • “A lot of money blocks show up as visibility blocks.” 
  • “My wife and I moved here because of your tarot!”

Recommended Resources

  • Need books? Visit Two Rivers Bookstore,
  • Caroline Elliot,”17 Bizarre Philosophies that Make me $70,000 month (with accompanying music videos).“
  • Work with Theresa on the web at Book a discovery call or just sign up for her programs. You can also find her on Instagram at @sovspirit, @theresapridemore, and @sovereignoracle to check out her oracle deck.
  • Check out Lady Doom @TheLadyDoom or

For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit


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