Radical Acceptance: Moving Beyond Mom Guilt

picture of Michelle and Erica

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

January 15, 2020

Introduction to Episode

Erica Vaughn, fellow mom, and essential oil educator chats with Michelle about the upcoming theme of their jointly taught classes in the Portland Metro area. This year, their ongoing essential oil education is all about moving beyond mom guilt.

Podcast Episode Summary

Mom Guilt is something that can affect anyone who cares for another. Erica and Michelle share examples of when they have experienced and do experience mom guilt. They discuss ways in which they have recognized the phenomena and steps they have taken to transform from it. This naming inspired them to theme their essential oil continuing education classes around the theme, Radical Acceptance: Moving Beyond Mom Guilt.

Be sure to email Michelle with your Mom Guilt story at hello@michellelasley.com.

Some things that helped Erica and Michelle transform include:

  • Name that you are experiencing mom guilt.
  • An external source saying it’s okay to have boundaries.
  • Get older. Truly, age and maturity help.
  • Use your essential oils.
  • Create rituals to support the life you want.


  • Name the thing [because] you can’t effectively address a thing until you name it.
  • Someone else giving you permission to do (or not) a thing…
  • A boundary is where you end and I begin.
  • No is a complete sentence.

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For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit www.michellelasley.com.


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