Do you feel good in your body?

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

January 29, 2020

Introduction to Episode

Do you feel good in your body? Mari wants to know. Mari is on a mission to get people to feel good in their bodies. But, she didn’t always believe this or educate on this. Join Michelle and Mari as they dive into how Mari found her passion and what she’s doing to educate people on it.

Podcast Episode Summary

First, I must apologize. I mispronounced “Maree Bento’s” name. Both Maree and Mari pronounce their name “Mary”. 

Second, Mari and I had a lovely chat covering so many things… from her varied career to finding and refining herself in each of the roles she has. And, through this conversation, we discuss her journey of discovery into her why… her “why” of helping people feel great in their bodies and realize they have a right to do so.


  • “I have always had a drive to create fabric… I think of life as a tapestry… weaving … layers… sometimes things that look like tangents are actually embellishments in a certain area… and it comes together.”
  • “It didn’t have to exist forever in order to be a success.”
  • “We are unable to show up as our higher self when we are stuck in dis-ease.”
  • “[When] people come forward as their higher selves, that’s how we are going to heal the planet.”
  • “What we put in and on our bodies is fundamental to how healthy we are.”
  • “I want all of our listeners to know you absolutely completely deserve to feel happy, safe, and healthy in your body.”

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