A Gift of 2020 Vision

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Jump Start

Jump start with a phone call. This gift will focus you on what you want to do. What you need fixed? What you want to change? What you want to accomplish in the next year?

3-Day Visioning Retreat

Continues with a 3-day visioning with a small, curated group of women. You are a mom. You are an entrepreneur. You are the boss of your world. And, you want to work with other bosses to mastermind what can come from that jump start. Plan what your 2020 will be.

3-Month Immersion

Then, immerse for three months with Michelle. You will look at your goals, your hurdles, the things you don’t know. And, together, you will walk through that plan to make sure you are on track. You will immerse in your vision for a focused 2020.


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