2020 Immersion

3-month coaching program designed with you in mind

Sometimes we need a guide

Do you ever feel like you are fumbling through life? You have an idea of what you want… it’s out there… you have some of the pieces together… but something is missing.

This happens to all of us! Sometimes you just need a guide. Someone to hear all the things that are going on for you. Someone who can rearrange them and help you make sense of it.

Sometimes it just takes one other person to help us jump start our passions.

This is your time.

Every mompreneur I know has big dreams, big goals, and big possibilities. What you don’t usually have is time.

This is an invitation to make time, and make that time work for you.

In this 3-month immersion, you will find out more about you, dream your big dreams, and make your big plans for 2020.

Time is limited, so this immersion happens one Friday morning for three weeks in January 2020. Start your year off right. Get a jump start on your plans with this 3-month immersion.

Who is your Guide?

I am Michelle Lasley, your guide. 

I am a mother.

I am a wife.

I laugh.

I find whimsy in life.

I am a change agent.

I am a transformational coach. 

I listen.

I dream.

I help you dream. 

I help you see your purpose.

I help you see your path.


What you get.

In this 3-month program, you will work with Michelle, one-on-one to jump-start, vision, and immerse in your 2020. Take a look at what’s included in this program.

Monthly 90-Minute Coaching Call

You will have three, one per month, 90-minute coaching calls with Michelle. These will be done over the phone with the option to be recorded. You will take a look at your goals, your barriers, your hopes, your dreams, and share them with Michelle. She will guide you to seeing through your barriers, helping you focus on your dreams, so you have a clear path to follow your plan.

Attendance to 2020 Visioning Retreat

Part of this program will be attending the 3-day workshop, 2020 Immersion, where you and a small group will really hone your 2020 plans.

Lifetime Access to Online Community

It is really important to be able to keep the momentum going after undergoing coaching, planning, and all of this vulnerability. As such, you will become a lifetime member of Michelle’s Balance Shared network, a community of women entrepreneurs who are looking to change our world.

60-minute Follow Up Coaching Call

Lastly, Michelle​ will call you 3 months after the​ coaching program has ended to see how you are doing, ensuring you are supported to be able to go through with your big dreams and big palns.

Important details

  1. There is a $222 setup fee. 
  2. Each month is $111.
  3. The first payment is $333, each month after is $111.
  4. You will get a special code to schedule your calls.

Why should I sign up?

You should sign up if you have a hard time holding space for yourself to complete your visions.

You should sign up if you have a passion project you need guidance on while you fitness and/or launch it.

You should sign up if you are looking for someone to ask you great questions and help you uncover more of what you want.

How to join

  1. Click any of the buttons to join. 
  2. Enter your payment information into the system.
  3. Watch your email for instructions and confirmations.

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