The Luminaries

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

December 21, 2018

C 2002 or 2003, Me, in my Petulant Early 20s

They say, and I have observed this to be true, the older you get the less you know. I had a lot of petulant confidence in my early twenties. Though I have always had a penchant for understanding the grey areas of life, I definitely swayed to black and white when it suited my beliefs.

And, then, a funny thing happened. I started to have more life experiences, and those definitive black and white beliefs were shattered into grey. One thing I know for certain: we are connected in ways I never deemed possible. Whether you believe in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, follow A Course in Miracles, study Astrology, Atheism, Agnosticism, or some other thing I cannot think to mention – one thing is certain to me: we are all connected. We are connected in ways our feeble human brains fail to fully recognize. And, we have tools all around us to support our paths. Some of these tools have been thrown to chastisement as works of the devil or more, and people have been tortured for their use. Whether well intended or ill-suited men started this, I cannot be fully sure.

Part of the gray came through in the year 2004 when I bought my first We’Moon calendar. Suddenly, my irregular cycle was regular, in complete flow and synchronicity. And, I realized, I was paying attention to the luminaries: the sun and the moon. I began to notice connections. And, I had a tool, a calendar, to help me track those connections.

We have tools before us, like following the weather, to guide us in our days. I have lightly studied astrology for the better part of 22 years, with a heightened self-study focus in the last year. I have been watching and paying attention to the moon, trying to understand retrograde cycles, how my rising and sun signs all interplay, how it affects my daily life – like my regular flow. It’s complicated! And, I feel even more connected through this complication.

I love deep work. I love going internal. This is one of the strengths I can bring to any table: I ask good questions. If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that through my social media moon phase journal prompts. I loved doing those last year. I had found some resources that resonated with me and I created the prompts using my intuition along with th guidance presented in that research.

This year, I am changing it all up. Through my self-study, I have collected more resources which have made me evolve my thinking and approach to these prompts. I hope you are with me! If so… continue on…

First, buy my Celestial Planner. In it, you will find brand new journal prompts following the 8 phases of the moon, along with fun month-end reflections and space to chart your personal or business growth. Second, follow my facebook page, Balance Shared, or follow me on Instagram. On these mediums, I will be posting 8 custom journal prompts to the moon phase in the sun season for the next year. To learn even more, I would invite you to cozy up to a local astrologer. Have your natal chart read, and check in with that individual as s/he will bring a wealth of information my light study cannot even begin to touch.


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