I more or less finished. I “won” by reaching the 50,000-word goal. I finished on Saturday, while we enjoyed the Oregon Coast and the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean.

I hope there aren’t too many gaping holes. I hope my version of a fictional story is believable. I hope it brings hope. I hope the emotions are relatable. I hope my venture into dark things is believable. I hope it’s enjoyed, at least by a few.

Toweling off her hair, she called to the children as she padded into her closet, “Are you dressed?” She was getting so sick of maternity clothes. Nothing was comfortable, except maybe pajamas. She hated feeling so uncomfortable in her own skin. She missed the days, so many years ago now, where she had finally felt comfortable with her body. She missed the days where she enjoyed the curves and flat parts and how it felt to move, freely.


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