I finished with 3,190 words. Though, I did start with 494 words, written in July when the idea came. I had to hold the idea close, as it peaked around corners and lifted the covers, screaming, “Write me!” And, now the voice is being let out, screaming past the daily average of 1,667, and my own personal goal of 2,500 words.

“Let’s brush our teeth!” She exclaimed as she led the children to the family bathroom. She kept a second toothbrush here so they could all brush their teeth together, modeling good hygiene. “Remember, 15 seconds each side, top, and bottom!” She was amazed she found the courage to make these monotonous things a game, so the children would have fun and see the joy in even the smallest things. It took so much energy to put on this face when all she wanted to do was crawl under a rock. It was only 8:30 am.


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