Life in the New Year

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

January 4, 2014


We’ve moved. After being a lifelong renter, I am now, with my husband, a homeowner. We purchased a house near our old home, only about a mile a way. It’s a little closer to our son’s school. It’s near a park. And, it’s near our favorite bus line.

We closed on the house on November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving. Since, we have experienced lessons in choosing paint, learning to decide on furniture, and cleaning together the old house. Despite our best attempts, the landlord was disappointed in our cleaning. But, I am hoping we are each walking our separate ways. I hope to write more on the last year as we begin this new year, now that I feel I can discuss the challenges we faced.

We are here, in 2014. This is the year that will mark my eleventh year in Portland. This is the year that will mark our son’s 7th birthday. This is the year that will mark my 36th birthday, and our 8th year of marriage. The food buying club has worked, together, now for 4 years. Levi is in his second year of school at Holy Cross, and he is, now, doing well, comparable to his first year of preschool.

Monday, we will go back to school. Monday will be the first time we will start our day, our complete day, from the new house.

In addition to living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, with new logistics. I will be starting the Executive Leadership Academy from Willamette Valley Development Officers. This is a 10-month program designed to propel people into the next stage in their career. Since graduating from college in 2008, I’ve been struggling to find the right fit for me, for the long-term. I have explored different schooling, volunteering, and job opportunities. And, I hope this one fits the bill. It covers a variety of topics that are quite logical, as well as being paired with a mentor.

So, new house, new routines, and new education. Here’s to life in the new year. Happy 2014!

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  1. Brenda Faulkner

    Congrats on the new house!!

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