by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

March 6, 2013

Yesterday, I read Levi Desiderata. He listened to the whole thing. Then, he queried, “I wonder if there’s a Lego poem?”

There is. Here are three.

Lego Poem

Let’s build like high rated heroes
Let’s construct intact with elevated egos
Let’s build a house, a boat and a truck
Tick, tock – knock, knock
Lego is fun and it always rocks

Bricks and blocks
Doors without locks
Cars, ships, ports and docks
Tick, tock – knock, knock
With Lego we always build without, stones and rocks

Today or tomorrow, Girls and Boys
We can carefully configure these wonderful toys
With colourful bricks, mini-pieces and mini-figures
Lego is the way to follow
Build in groups or build solo
Friends, aunties, uncles and nieces
Assemble, break and reassemble pieces

Tick, tock – knock, knock – talk, talk
Lego, What do we have in stock?
Tick, tock – knock, knock – work, work
Lego, lets stop the cheap talk!
Let’s all construct until we hit a stumbling block!

Copyright 2012 – Sylvia Lovina Chidi


Lego, lego, all over the floor,
Blocking the bed and blocking the door.
Building towers with little people inside,
To get through your room you have to push it aside.
Tripping and tumbling over mini blocks,
To stop your door opening you don’t need any locks.
Putting it all back right into it’s box,
Then onto your door you hear a few knocks.
Opening your door your mum has a look,
She can see it’s tidy but she can read you like a book.
Told not to play with lego you are grounded for a week,
And aren’t aloud to go in the cupboard not even take a peek.
So you are doing your time without your lego in your room,
For when the week is done, you’ll build the lego again to make it go BOOM!

By Flamin’ Fuse


Yellow, white, green, red and blue
There are black and some see-through.
They lock together with a snap
They just need to overlap.
A wheel, a tire, a claw and shield
A sign to stop, go slow and yield.
You might start out with just one kit
But once you start it’s hard to quit.
You can build things very small
Or you could build things wall to wall.
You could build a car to race
Or fly a saucer into space.
You might need tools and hardhat
For buildings tall or somewhat flat.
Aliens, rockets, a castle and king
You can build ‘most anything.
Legos can be lots of fun
Lots of fun for everyone.

By Fonda Nelson


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