The Last Post of the Year

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

December 31, 2012

Levi & Mommy

Levi & Mommy after a soccer game in September.

And, upon us, finally, is the last night of the year. I have never been more thankful for a year to end. 2012 started out okay, but quickly eroded into an emotional roller-coaster of a year.

  • A friend was scared she had a dangerous form of cancer
  • Then she found out she didn’t
  • A friend’s close family member died
  • Another got pregnant
  • My husband found out he had a cyst in his head
  • Then we found out it was fluid filled and likely benign
  • My nephew couldn’t breathe and got really sick
  • Then he got 6 operations and is now a smiley chipper baby with a tracheostomy
  • Work got needed relief that plummeted into micro managing hell
  • Someone had a baby
  • Someone else had a baby
  • Someone else got pregnant and is carrying baby to full term
  • Friends lost their jobs
  • Friends couldn’t find jobs
  • A friend got a really cool job
  • Someone got divorced, continues to fight with their partner, is looking to separate from their spouse
  • Someone celebrated a 10 YEAR togetherness anniversary
  • Someone finally got married after being together over 10 years
  • Someone bought a house, a dream house
  • Then the porch caught on fire
  • Which forced them to a needed vacation and upon return a more or less fixed porch
  • Another family member got injured
  • Another family member was hospitalized
  • People died
  • People lived

And now, the year is ending. In my 34 years on this earth, I do not recall such a chaotic year. Maybe we can really claim that we survived the misnomer of a Mayan Apocalypse. So much chaos propelling us into a constant state of stress. Stress is bad for our health – where is our balance? I just want to write about this drama and ponder it to learn from it and then move on! I want to stop putting out fires and live in the planful Quadrant II where we can plan for and make our dreams come true.

This year, I am putting to bed the “postaday2012”. Stubbornly, I will resume in 2013 with a post-a-day, knowing I would rather do a post-a-week of quality ponderings. But, I also know I do better when I write every damned day, so stubbornly I will go.

2013 has to be awesome, and I am declaring it so. No matter what happens, it is going to be an awesome year! If I have to psyche myself up to believe that the worst will be the best – I will force this damned-able positive attitude on everyone and everything. Enough of 2012. Enough of 2007. Onward  we go for another five (or more) years of finding balance in the chaos.

Here’s to hoping for positive change. Here’s to toasting a new era of calm, patience, compassion. Here’s to a shift in our paradigms where we let individual freedoms ring free and true while supporting our world-wide community needs.

Here’s to a brand spankin’ new year.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Kimberly

    Here, here!! Bring it on 2013. Happy New Year!

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