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by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

November 30, 2012


I have 15 minutes before I’m off onto the next thing. I am forcing myself to sit here for 15 minutes (well, maybe only 11) and simply write. There is so much going on, and the introvert in me needs this constant refresh time. But, I am having such (for over 18 months now) a hard time keeping the bum to the chair writing…

Sometimes things are too personal. I don’t want to write about family goings ons because I do keep my blog public, and some things are meant to be private. Sometimes things are too tenuous. There are a lot of changes going on in the spheres in which I operate. Sometimes it’s just not right it to broadcast it to the world. I’ve anonymized posts before, and even though I don’t remember all the specifics when I reread those posts months later, it takes a lot of effort in order to be able to do that. It takes an effort to filter out the nuance and get to the heart of the matter in order that I may dissect the understanding. Given all the roles I play, sometimes that takes too much energy and my refresh time is simply zoning out in front of the Boob Tube, not thinking about all the places where my interests lie.

That was 2 minutes worth of writing. Now what?

So, it’s that time of year again. Cold season. It’s interesting having a son whose birthday is in the same month as mine. In part, it’s my norm. My mother and I share the same birth-month. In fact, my son and my mom’s birthday are a mere 3 days a part! So, if the Giselle institute’s theories and patterns of equilibrium and disequilibrium follow through to adulthood, Levi and I both fall into disequilibrium in the fall months. It seems àpropos that disequilibrium would coincide with cold season.

Thus far, I’ve been able to keep the cold at bay with periodic trickles of some naturopathic herbs that are supposed to boost the immune system. Yet, the scratchy throat persists. Thankful that our big event didn’t happen this year, no matter how it has affected cash flow. That means less stress for me in dealing with these other things that are going on.

Overall, 2012 can suck it. It’s not that every day is a bad day. But, this roller coaster of a year has been … well a roller coaster. I want more status quo. If the Mayan Calendar meant a rough year, I can’t wait for this world to end. I hope it doesn’t mean Apocalypse  rather change. Astrologists might argue that this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius .. perhaps we head further into the age of science and reason which could mean equilibrium for all.

Okay… that was… 7 minutes. All done, regardless of missing my 15 minute mark. I now have to get my things together, grab my coat, turn the lights off, order pizza, get the kid, and head off to the next meeting. Now, we chat about diversity – what it means and how to educate others about it.

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