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by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

March 7, 2012


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I started this post on January 4, 2012. These were my thoughts four days into the new year.

This year is starting out great! We’ve got a good feeling about it. So, even if the world ends, we’ll feel great if it does!

I can’t even begin to remember what was happening that it felt so right. So, pardon, while I pause to reflect.

My first litmus test into the new year is how New Year‘s Eve goes. I do recall having all my needs met there. Watched the ball, got a smooch, had some laughs, and toasted in the New Year. Started work with a day off. Started in the new, downtown office. So, sure, by Day Four of 2012, life was looking pretty good.

It is now Tuesday, March 6th as I write this. 2012 has been nothing if not interesting. What has shown itself clearly is that this is the year of the Roller Coaster. People are doing joyous things and others are witnessing tragic events around them. It seems that not a week goes by when three emotionally tugging opposites occur. Until recently, though, the roller coaster hasn’t brought me into its fold. Read more about it in the “protected” posts. Send me a direct message if you want the password.

Facebook… such an interesting tool. I’ve just been scrolling through my facebook time line, and time line it is. I try to post funny, witty, feisty things on my wall. I try not to make it too personal, but when I want it personal (ish) it might indicate I’m drinking. I’m not sure what others think of my little facebook addiction and if my perception matches theirs. That said, in my vagueness I can still gauge what my own mood was. And, my feisty mood is an indicator of daily irritations… daily viewings of this ubiquitous Roller Coaster.

It doesn’t matter that our perception of the Mayan calendar is ending is skewed. I think we are experiencing a wave of collective consciousness this year. And, I think we’re seeing it in this roller coaster that you are either on or witnessing from those close to you. Jobs are stressful, activities are stressful, home lives are stressful. And, it’s not that every other year is immune to the normal relational stresses we all experience. It’s as if these stresses are currently in overdrive.

Five years ago, I realized how wonderful “normal” is. I started to take great comfort in the day-to-day when there was nothing to report. I took great comfort in the “no news is good news” philosophy. A friend emailed recently to update on his address — he completed his information exchange with a request of “How Life Goes” from the recipients of his email. So, I emailed him back. For the first time in a long time I started with, “Well, I don’t have great news…”

So, now that we are into month three of the year. Now that I’ve won a raffle, completed some tasks, finishing some others smoothly (more smoothly than we thought they’d go!), knowing that the received Bad news isn’t as Bad as it could be … I do know that I am lucky. But, dang, this roller coaster sure is distorting that view!

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