Our open house, for work, was tonight. We had about 200 people come and go in the three and a half hour block. It was a grand time. People visited, ate, and drank. And, people needed to store their coats. We have a coat closet in our new space. Yea! It’s not huge, but it’s up front, and we even have hangers. We only have, though, 16 hangers. 16 hangers that I bought our first week in the space. I manned the door for the first hour and half, left to get Levi, and returned with an hour left. While I was there, we never ran out of room in that closet. Every time I looked in, there were barely any hangers left. But, every time I directed someone to the closet, there was magically another hanger available for use.

The miracle of the magic closet. It’s like a modern-day version of the loaves and fishes, without the punch of … you know … feeding people.

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