Ear Buds

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

January 6, 2012


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I don’t know anyone who dislikes music. I only know people who like music in varying degrees on the musical spectrum. I enjoy music. I concentrate better with music (sometimes). I listen to music improve my mood if I’m grouchy. I listen to music to calm me down when I’m frustrated, like when driving in rush hour traffic. So, although I’ve enjoyed music, I’ve never invested in it like some people make a point to do.

I’ve owned a small radio, a CD player, a larger radio (still under $100), one tuner (now broken), and a $20 mp3 player (now missing parts!!). I own maybe 30 CDs. I love music, I just don’t invest in it. I buy books. I buy art supplies. I don’t usually buy music. I am not hip on new artists (or even old artists). I know what I like when I listen to it. I often say things like, “Oh! That guy!”

Regarding technology, in general, I’m usually a few years behind the most recent thing. I buy mid-grade computers when I buy them new. And, that’s only happened twice. Afterwards, I refurbish the parts, and often use Open Source software. I have only purchased two mobile phones. two in 6 years. I received phones from relatives in between. so, now, I have a new, fancy phone that is new technology, and a little more than midgrade!

This phone happens to be a built-in music player (and camera, and video recorder, and email, and calendar)… yes… a true “personal computer“. The phone came with ear buds, but like most ear buds, they didn’t work for my ears. So, I bought fancy new ones. A co-worker called them “gummies”. I didn’t even know they had a nickname.

Well these little buggers work. I have never, in all my limited music listening (save one experience with a pair of snug fitting Bose headphones), had a personal music device that sounded so .. good. Without music, like some Bose headphones, it works as a white noise filter, blocking out various background noises. With music, that’s all I hear. Even when turned down low. (Okay, I can hear the phone ringing at work too.) It was an amazing experience, when I first tried them. My husband and child were chattering in the room, just feet away from me, yet I couldn’t hear them. I was in a crowd, but it was nearly silent.

Going from old technology to very new is an exciting process. The phone I had before was a first generation (phone) touch screen that barely registered my swooping finger. The software was buggy and the sound quality was awful. I get my shiny new phone with ear buds, and it’s like the world has been revolutionized.

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