I grew up with my parents watching Dallas and Knots Landing. If we woke up in the middle of the night, we were hushed and rushed back to bed. I only remember glimpse, and I remember the opening songs.

Later, when I became slightly acquainted with soap operas, I realized that these night-time dramas were simply night-time soap operas. I don’t recall the medical or criminal dramas of the day.

So, from this look back to childhood from adulthood, I have a very slim perspective. However, it seems as if our dramas have changed. I’m finishing up the last season of Desperate Housewives, a drama I became interested in after marathon breastfeeding sessions. I’ve become acquainted with TV as a mother and more accepting of its fictional relief. So, I also watch Once Upon a Time. There are a few other shows that trickle into my routine, and I’m noticing a trend. The story lines seem to have changed. Sure Desperate Housewives is about glitz and glam, but the relationship side seems more involved than my limited view of Dallas and Knots Landing.

What’s your perspective?

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