Liquid Courage

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

December 3, 2011


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A bottle of American rye whiskey

I'm not sure what whiskey I drank last night, but this image will do. Image via Wikipedia

I have been sick, all week-long. It’s time for that Annual Sinus Infection that sits in my lungs. It’s created by all the post-nasal drip that’s not controlled by my allergy drugs. I sensed it coming on since late September, but I have been so busy I haven’t had time to deal with it. Dealing with it would have meant making another appointment to see another doctor about changing my allergy meds. It was not something I had space for at the time with all the other obligations, then, present. So, now I am paying for it. Now, I took more or less an entire week off work because I cannot function with this horrendous cough, the result of all the post nasal drip.

This post, though, isn’t about being sick, although it’s a factor. And, if you’re wondering, yes I have tried a neti pot, and yes, I do take my daily allergy drugs. I’ve long since given up on a drug free life, and I have come to terms with this acceptance. Perhaps it’s that acceptance that has also given rise to another acceptance: whiskey.

Last night, I had one major task. I was asked to emcee the birthday party for the Community Alliance of Tenants. CAT is my favorite non-profit. I sit on the board and serve as board secretary. We bill it as [one of] Oregon’s only renters’ rights advocates. We run a renters’ rights hotline and do much for empowerment and education of renters’  rights. Landlords, for example, have 13 unions in the Portland Metro area. The entire state of Oregon has CAT.

This year, CAT turned fifteen years old, and this year, we will celebrate. I was excited to be asked to emcee, and since I couldn’t help out in other areas, I gladly took on this role.

Then I got sick. With a sinus infection. A sinus infection that creates debilitating coughs and takes away my voice.

What’s a girl to do?


That’s what.

I am very thankful, for what I consider, my brilliant idea. I worked from home yesterday, not changing from my pajamas, even post shower. I tried to take it easy, even with working from home. Finally, the hour of getting ready came. I changed. Dolled up my face. And left.

Once I got to the venue, the waitress seemed to zone in on me. I hadn’t even settled in, my coat and bag were still on me. But, I knew my order. Whiskey, one shot. Medium to high call please. Sure thing she says, and suggests a soda or something light to chase it. I order a Sprite. She brought my generous shot and encouraged sipping after I asked for a wish of luck. Sip I did. For the next forty-five minutes, right up until I needed to speak.

What a wonder! Not only did it give me the liquid courage I didn’t think I needed but it soothed my throat and voice enough that I was able to make it through the 30 minute program, with a little whit, and a little afterwards for some raffle help.

This post is really about whiskey. Thank you whiskey. I never knew we could be friends. I am glad we could settle our differences. I plan to keep you in my house, always. And after this afternoon’s requisite nap, Levi and I will make space for you.

Whiskey, thank you.

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  1. Laura

    Try Buffalo Trace. It has supplanted Maker’s Mark as my favorite whiskey.

    • Michelle

      I will. We tried to go to the liquor store tonight, but alas, it was closed.

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