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December 6, 2011


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I forgot about the glorious properties of honey. I’ve been suffering with this awful sinus infection (the one that sits in my lungs) for more than 10 days. Coughing every minute or two.

Honey, said my co-worker. She chided me for being silly. I don’t blame her.

Honey. Duh.

I took a spoonful tonight. It sank down, past my tongue as it oozed into my throat. It was the second reprieve from coughing for the night. The first was when I took a 20 minute, hot, steamy shower. For half of that shower, I didn’t cough.

So, after my co-workers sound advice, another co-worker and I ventured off to the local coffee shop. I bought tea. With honey. Peppermint and chamomile. Delicious perfection, and the only thing that will compliment all the cough drops I’ve been sucking down.

This is why I am not vegan. I feel blessed with the glorious nectar that bees deliver us. I try to source my honey locally and responsibly so that I may benefit from its healing properties. Allergies, colds, health in general.

Ah, the sweet goodness of honey.

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