The Post Whirlwind

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

July 11, 2011


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It’s amazing how much can be written when you write daily. Now, when I go to write, I often check myself with, “Didn’t I write about that before?” This year, I have posted more than 180 posts. My post count, to date, is 509. I’ve almost written in 6 months that which took me three years to write. Although, I don’t feel as if I’m changing my thoughts any quicker than before, I am processing more. Enter the post whirlwind.

This is terrific, for me, a deliberative introvert who needs time to think. With this rule of “butt to chair” so I can allow my fingers to tap away at the keys, spewing out whatever thought happens in my brain — it frees up time for other things. I’ve noticed I have been able to work through some tough brain-drains a little quicker than before. I’ve explored more thoughts and have even branched out on what and how I like to write.

That is to say, this challenge is working.

I was going to do it for just this year. Establish the pattern and be done with it. In month two I found myself feeling quite trite in my writing. Although my writing, all about me, could still be classified as trite, it no longer bothers me. This is my space, my blog, for which I can do whatever I want. The easiest thing to write about is the daily comings and goings. And, for habit forming that works.

Sometimes I play with words, express art in pictorial form, or share a family photo. Sometimes I branch out of the “me-me” into the creative verse that surrounds. Sometimes I just complain about personalities that perplex and other annoying things. I haven’t philosophized in ways taht I enjoy, which I find a little curious. That could be explained with the lack of give and take in this form. When I philosophize, it’s the exchange of ideas that creates the energy, not just me typing reflecting.

So, we are at day 192. We have surpassed the half way mark. And, now, I have no desire to stop. The Pioneer Woman even suggests continuing the writing every day. And, if the Post Whirlwind suggests anything – this really does serve as a great journal of progression, maturity, maybe wisdom, wit, and life.

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