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Pajama Party

Red Christmas (2008) Pajamas
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Really, the question is: does it matter? Our rules on social etiquette and what one should wear when going out are completely lax compared to previous decades. And, when one is 4 years old — what does it really matter? My vote? Not much at all.

Our schedule has been working towards Monday through Thursday at school with Friday a work from home/appointment day. So, I didn’t have to worry about signing up Levi for the pizza party that was to happen this last Friday. But, I was a little dismayed when the sign went up for “Pajama Day.”

Levi loves Pajama day.

They do this kind of often at his school. Growing up, I remember these sort of silly dress days as coming once a year. They have had Pajama days maybe a half dozen times in this last year. We’ve only participated in the last two.

So, this past Friday, we had some errands to run, and none included going to school. But, Levi already knew about Pajama Day, and I didn’t really feel like saying no. Why? Because what does it really matter.

So, this last Friday, Levi wore pajamas all day long. He dressed himself. He went potty. No accidents. More or less well behaved (one time out for not listening or behaving properly in public). And, we celebrated simply by wearing pajamas.

I’m still not sure what type of party he wanted.

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