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WordPress 3.2, installed. I thought, let’s try a face-lift. It’s an avenue in procrastination and creative delights. For a while, we’ll try this new theme, Twenty Eleven, and see how it works. So far, I’m not a fan of the inability to change fonts.

This version is fondly named Gershwin, and it’s sleeker, cleaner interface with the focus on just writing is paramount to its selling points. Odd, I found adding a new post suddenly difficult. This could be because I have not activated the admin bar that I found gawky in the last revision.

It was also suggested to post about this new version, and I am faithfully obliging and getting my blog post a day in.

If all goes well today, with my several days off of procrastination, I will have food posts for tomorrow. Let’s look forward to freshly baked chicken (already in the oven), bread (pans out on the table ready to be used), and that famed tiered cake (still waiting to be made).

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