Dream Vacation

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

July 14, 2011

Levi & Mommy at the Ocean

Image by alexis22578 via Flickr

Life, family, work, volunteering are still running into each other. That is, my schedule is busy in a way that I don’t enjoy. I’m too busy. So, what do I want when I’m busy? A vacation.

My dream vacation is simple. This is the image in my head.

It’s a little cloudy and overcast. The weather is cool, maybe 55 degrees. You smell salt water in the air. The crashing waves slap the shore in a calming rhythm of beauty. I turn the page as I read my 3rd book for the day. I’m snug on a couch with soft supportive cushions tucked in with a soft blanket. There is a fire in a fire place. My cup of chamomile tie is on the coffee table beside me. Levi and Peter are taking a walk on the beach. We have a simple dinner of baked fish, rice, and vegetables planned for dinner. The fish is marinating in the refrigerator. There are four rooms to this cabin. One large living, kitchen, dining room. This L-shaped space is followed by a bathroom sandwiched between two rooms that could potentially sleep 8-10 with a varied arrangement of bunk beds and doubles. We have three. There are no plans, for me, but the occasional walk on the beach, lots of fiction reading, and sketching until my hearts content.

That, friends, is my dream vacation. Really, the place matters in that it should be a space that forces relaxation. I could see a Hawaiian appeal, but this is also why I enjoyed Italy. A life of leisure, if only for a weekend or a week.

That is my dream vacation.

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  1. Lacy Cooper

    ME TOO! I love it. Picturing it now….sigh…

  2. Michelle

    See… I’d be open to a mass vacation like this… you know, various families getting a cabin on their own with maybe a dinner every few days, together, as the only expectation!


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