Perfection: The perfect blend of science and art.

I complimented her art work. And, then she explained it. Everything must be correct. The foam must be the right texture, which means it must be the right temperature. The texture is also based on the right mix of creme. The coffee must be that the right temperature, and it all must to together — correctly. Being able to create this beautiful piece of Latte Art is the icing on the cake, the signal that everything is correct.

Yes, my Triple Mocha from Blend was perfect.

Web Images of Latte Art


Stumptown Coffee's Masterpiece

Image by liquidsunshine49 via Flickr


Cappuchino latte art

Image via Wikipedia

Latte art (etching) - the cat

Image via Wikipedia

Description: Coffee cortado (An latte art exam...

Image via Wikipedia

Cute coffee.

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Latte swirl.

Image via Wikipedia

Artwork of a barista: Cappuccino with decor „d...

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