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by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

June 11, 2011

Fallen Sitka Spruce

Fallen Sitka Spruce. The stump in the lower right hand corner is all that's left standing of the once tallest Sitka Spruce in the Pacific Northwest.


Fallen Sitka Spruce

Fallen Sitka Spruce

Before we got married, got pregnant, had a kid — before life directed us down another path, my not-quite-husband and I would hike regularly. Every weekend we would go to the mountain, the ocean, or the valley. We have folders upon folders of digital pictures from these adventures. Alas, we now use excuses like time, money, and invading into nap-time territory as the reasons why we don’t go out as often. All this despite the fact that both my husband and I say we want to go out more often and give Levi a true love of the great outdoors.

Our friend, Elizabeth, finished another term at PSU, so we promised her a day at the beach. That day was today. We’re all glad we went, even if the timing was in the middle of nap-time.

As a remembrance of the day, here’s a picture of the Fallen Sitka Spruce. This tree boasted the title of “tallest” tree, standing at more than 2 stories tall for an age of 700 years old. Just as a controversy was being reported about a Washington Tree also claiming to be the tallest Sitka Spruce, a windstorm knocked this giant down. They have taken down the wooden path that surrounded the tree, previously, so you can walk all around. Instead of a living memorial to a beautiful tree, it is now a loving memorial to nature’s life cycles. This was a regular stop on the way to the coast, and I’m glad it can still be even though the giant has fallen.

More ocean pictures to be posted tomorrow.

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