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Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

June 24, 2011

Play Time

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It’s that time again. It’s the time of night I have patterned into writing. I prefer doing things in the morning. I prefer drinking coffee, reading, writing, exercising, eating yummy breakfasts. But, that’s not the pattern I normally operate.

This is the pattern with which I normally operate. Lately, and now I am going to blame fluctuating thyroid levels, it has been go to bed (yes, before midnight which is much improved over previous months), wake at 4am (ish), help husband get his lunch together, go back to bead (not helpful but also touches on the other thing I like to do in the morning — S.L.E.E.P.), then hit snooze after an hour a few times until I get up. Then, I torture myself by leaving just enough time to get ready, which leaves limited time to deal with the always impending kiddo meltdown of sorts. The pattern continues where we rush off to work and school.

Things calm down once we are in our places. But, fulfilling some allotted time frame is important, so we end up coming home late. Whereas the husband complains he never sees us. Then it’s make dinner, play/read, get kiddo ready for bed, have some quiet time with husband. Wish husband off to bed, and t hen it is 11:00pm when I have time to write.


The Husband

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I’ve always been like this. A night owl and a morning person. I like having nap-times so that I can operate in both realms. I have historically gotten six hours of sleep. Yes, I am aware Dr. Oz will tell me this contributes to shorter life span. Alas, that is the way it is. Because I like to receive input (as defined as my top strength), I have difficulty saying no. I feel like I would miss out on something important. As such, prioritizing sometimes is difficult for me, and I put off doing obvious things like sleeping or eating breakfast. And, these are all things I enjoy!

Maybe I’m too hedonistic, and I have too many pleasures. Maybe I just try to do too much. Remember, I coach myself, if everything is important than nothing is.

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