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May 7, 2011

Smiles 2011 - 1

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I am getting in the daily blog post. The point of this challenge is to write daily. Every day, I have at least 3 thoughts I want to write about. But, when I finally get the chance to sit down, uninterrupted to write, my brain is exhausted and I just want to go to bed. I am incredibly excited that I have made it to month five, with no break in the habit forming. This year seems to be a year of habit forming, as a few weeks ago now, I joined the gym across the street from work. It’s nice, is a good space, and is quiet. I’ve been every week since asking a co-worker to be my accountability partner, but now I have to work on a minimum of three times a week, preferably four – the number of times I’m out in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow is mother’s day. We might do a thing with a friend. Levi made a beautiful sunflower out of paper plates and yellow paint with a picture of himself pasted in the center. It’s a fantastic mothers day gift.

Tonight, I attended the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation’s fundraiser. Afterwards, I took the bus home and encountered someone potentially looking for a good time, two girls who were frightened of downtown Portland anxious to find their way back to the “Couv, and one drunk needing someone to talk to. That was in five blocks. I forgot how entertaining it can be!

Now, it’s time for bed.

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