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I like to hang with Gandhi. I am left of the center. This is no surprise to me or those who know me. I have a deep belief in stewardship to each other and this place we call home. This line of thinking doesn’t often jive with people who think like, say, Reagan did.

Two tests.

1) The Pew Charitable Trust

2) The Political Compass

I prefer the Political Compass because it assesses your values along two axes: economic and social. So, according to this measure, I am in the Libertarian Left (with Gandhi).

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Political Typology is interesting because of the linear spectrum used and the analysis following. Their description of someone who is Solidly Liberal often fits this category:

  • Highly politically engaged
  • 75% are Democrats
  • Concentrated in the Northeast and West
  • 57% are female
  • Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor’s degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
  • A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
  • 59% have a passport
  • 42% regularly buy organic foods
  • 21% are first or second generation Americans

And, yes. That’s me.

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