Racing through the house.

Racing through the house.

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” so goes the pessimistic saying. I’ve written the last few days how I don’t believe in luck, so I thought I’d expand on that since I often wish people good luck on their endeavors.

A few not-so-lucky poignant events shaped my growing up years. Then, a few unlucky relationships graced my high school years and my early 20s. Sometime after that, I decided not to really believe in luck. Not as a guiding principle.

Sure, I’m superstitious. It’s kind of like, why not knock on wood? If it doesn’t work, you’re just knocking on a piece of wood. If it works, at least you know you’ve done your due diligence. Wishing someone good luck is so ingrained in my psyche that I will do that too, but I’m loathe to wish someone to “break a leg” as that seems to work against what we’re trying to do.

Regarding days, weeks, months, years though… I don’t attribute days or weeks or years as being good or bad, they just are. There are high points and low points. People die, keys get lost, things break, jobs go away. But all those things make room for lessons learned, new starts, reorganizing, and new opportunities.

“This too shall pass,” I believe is a much more appropriate daily adage. This little piece of wisdom reminds us that good, bad, ill, indifferent, it all passes into the past. What was here today is gone tomorrow, and most everything that comes with it. So, why not enjoy the moments as they come?

There is no luck. Life just is. A series of moments captured by our minds eye, hopefully embedded someplace for easy recollection so that when the time comes we can pass those memories on and learn from them. Hopefully, we can create lovely stories to share with our offspring and our children’s offspring, helping this human race to evolve into something … more.

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