Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live: The boys enjoying the show ... Well intermission.

I missed a day! Oh my! What will happen now? Well, the goal is “a post a day” that some define as simply getting in the number. If that’s the case, I have about two weeks to spare as I was writing like crazy in January and February.

Why would I miss a day posting? Yesterday, when my husband rose his sleepy head out of bed at 4:15 am (I had gone to bed around 11pm on Thursday), there was a peculiar buzzing sound coming from the back room.

“Is this the dryer?” queried my husband.

Ah, no. It was the router-modem. After 5 years, two years past any extended warranty, the modem had finally taken its last breath. I wasn’t even sure it was breaking.

Friday, evening no less, we were able to secure a new modem, Qwest, at Best Buy. By Saturday morning, it was working.

We saw Sesame Street Live. We shopped. We napped. We conquered. And, then we rushed off to set up for an event.

When we went to lave the event, my keys were missing. So, tonight, we replaced my keys only to find that Levi’s squeezy bottle is also missing.

So, I will close this blog post with processed food, lack of keys, with replacement keys, using a new router, wondering what we’ll have to replace next.

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