Three months done

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

March 31, 2011


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Can you believe it? A post a day for THREE months! It’s such an amazing feeling once I’ve made up my mind about something to successfully execute that plan.

I’m sitting here, at the breakfast bar, watching television. It’s late. This isn’t something I normally do. Sit at a breakfast bar and watch cable. I’m watching the Food Network, the show is Chopped. The judges are currently being challenged to cook since they do all the juding. Oddly, the sound just got weird.

To me, and my husband, the funniest thing about all this cable-tv exposure has been our realizaation that OPB and its four digital channels are really just enough for us. We’ve tossed this idea around, not often, but regularly we do the “should we get cable/dish tv?”

Eleven years ago, I made the decision to not have TV. I used a radio and the internet (free dial up at the time) to get the connections I needed to the outside world, not including the daily in person connections. Soon, a friend suggested that it would be easier to get a free tv than it would be to get a free meal. That month, I had three offers for a free televison. I figured I might as well hold out for the tv/vcr combination, which happened in the third offer. Ever since, I have had a television. We’ll discuss what that says about our values as a society at a later time. I accepted this television, though, because I do enjoy films/movies and simply vegging out.

During that eleven years though, I have held out that I need nothing else. We don’t need cable, dish networks or satellite, or any other device to further our tv watching. There are tvs in so many other places, why add one at home? Well, with nursing, small fry interactions, and even husband interactions – we wanted tv. So, we broke down, and we bought an antenna. We had rabbit ears! (I had an upgraded tv now, gifted from my father.)

Soon, the government decided we needed digital tv. So, we made teh choice to upgrade then too. The irony is we never did use that $40 coupon (we received two). But, we had our Saturday Night Date Nights. OBP 1 & 2 hosted As Time Goes By and My Family followed by New Tricks. This was two hours of British Bliss.

We watch tv. We know we don’t need cable. The added a


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