I am not Oprah!

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

March 2, 2011


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So, why the heck would I have my own domain? I giggle every time I tell someone where to find this blog, or when I give out my email. I coined it my “vain” email. And, I assured my mother, for example, that this is really easy to find because it’s simply michellelasley.com. Sure, that brings you to a front page, and sure you have to click “enter” to enter – but it brings you here, and no matter the format this sub-domain blog.michellelasley.com takes, it will likely always be here in some form (or as long as I keep paying for it).

It started with the Green Guide. Sort of. Mostly it started with writing, and realizing that writing on the computer, since I love to type (in some ways is more efficient than writing in my journals, which go unused for months, and sometimes years at a time), it seemed a natural fit to create a blog. In 2000, when I purchased my first computer, when I just found out about blogs, I begin keeping word docs of my random thoughts. I even giggled at a New Yorker commentary that chided blogs and those that used them to communicate, giving way to more traditional means like the telephone and in person conversations (not unlike facebook today!).

In 2008, I had the opportunity to help write, edit, and publish the first of two “Green Guides.” When, I was a child, I knew the environment and stewardship were important to me and in my mid-twenties, I was able to define the teaching of sustainability as a life goal. So, when the green guide opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no.

My ideas of how it should look varied from the main author, so I thought I should branch off and make my own way. That became my first blog. I named it “mickysgreenguide” since “Michelle’s Green Guide” seemed too trite. Micky is the nickname my step-father gave me when he nicknamed my siblings too, in an effort to sew the seams of my blended family. I used Google’s version since I’m a Google Junkie: blogspot. Shortly after that, it seemed logical to just buy my own domain. So, I did.

That was the first domain purchase. mickysgreenguide.com. The primary author of the green guides suggested I have something … more professional, so the seed was planted to have my very own domain of my name. I looked for michellelasley.com – but it was taken! By a Realtor in Tennessee! So, I watched it. I even sent a note asking to be notified or to see if they’d sell it. I purchased michellelasley.net since the dot com was taken, and I wasn’t interested in a hyphenated compromise.

One day, I got an email. They were willing to sell. But, they wanted $700! Can you believe it? How’s that for a markup! I waited, and when the dot com became available at the normal annual domain price, I purchased it. So, now, instead of just one domain, I own three. A branding piece that makes me think of Oprah. A woman, who I believe has mastered self promotion, identity, and branding. But, I am not Oprah. I’m just a gal, who likes to write, share ideas, and teach people about stewardship.

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