It’s My Birthday

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

February 25, 2011

Levi's 4th Birthday

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It is. For another hour and 47 minutes from the start of this blog post. What else is there to say? I’ve had more birthday celebrations and happy birthday wishes this entire month than I can recall from – well – ever. So, when asked, was today a good day, yea!

  • Work has been a roller-coaster, as it sometimes is.
  • Food Club planning has been busy, as it can be.
  • Volunteering for things has been less than I have liked in the past, but it fills in voids.
  • Family things have been steady, as it is a busy birthday month for my entire family.

So, I’m writing about this today to 1) write something and 2) give content to what I want to write.

I started this challenge because I enjoy writing. I enjoy words. I enjoy the process of change that happens as I figure things out in my head. (I wish ya’ll who are reading this would comment more. Especially on the bits where I describe societal ideas. Sure, if it sounds like a journal entry – I get that, I respect that, I appreciate that. But, if I’m criticizing the government or challenging societal ideas – please respond!) I’m a little surprised at how easy it has been, though, to actually just write something. Even when I don’t want to write. I have been able to at least remember that can be a subject too. So, everyday, since January 2nd, I have posted something. Yes, things are dated back to January 1st because I reposted some things I wrote for other programs and post or back dated them to fill that void – but I wrote.

Coming up, we’ll be going on vacation, so I’ve already started doubling up on posts and using the schedule feature. Post vacation, I hope to really compile a vacation blurb/series – something I’ve wanted to do in various mediums for years.

So, it’s my birthday, and soon it will be done. Tomorrow night, we have plans to see The Odd Couple as put on by the St. Johns North End Players. I haven’t seen a community play in years. It should be a good time for both me and my husband. Yes, it has been a good birthday month.

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