Sometimes I goof on dinner. It makes me sad. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does. I know it can’t be awesome all the time. My husband is a great testament to that, he eats everything I put before him, but he certainly doesn’t rave about certain combinations I may concoct like others with differing palates have. Previous roommates suffered through bread-makinglearning and soup explorations, so I know I have learned some things and have a lot to learn in others. But, quiche, I thought I had down.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I think they look beautiful, but the flavor was lacking. My broccoli quiche could have benefited from a little more cheese, or having the cheese more incorporated into the egg. I have dubbed the 2nd quiche a “Breakfast Quiche”, but it was supposed to be a corn-bacon quiche with leftover sausage links. It can’t be perfect all the time! And, these mistakes do help me remember the importance of something as simple as stirring and corn.

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