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Happy New Year!

It is New Year’s Eve, 2011. Tonight, we turn the year over to 2012. The year the Mayan calendar finishes. What will it bring?

Well, some planned events include an office move. I expect to return to public transit commuting instead of the 100% car commuting I have done. I purchased an iPhone for my Christmas present, so I expect 2012 will include more technology getting me through the day. Friends have encouraged me to stop underselling myself, so I expect 2012 will be another year of growth. Levi will turn five this year! Five! So, we will meet new challenges and changes as we move into kindergarten.

This year, I partook in a “Blog a Day” challenge. From January through August, I posted 253 posts and was 104% to goal. By today, year’s end, I’ve only posted 318 posts and have ended up at 87% to goal.

When I started this challenge, while I enjoyed writing every day, I started to get bored with venting about my days. After sometime, it became soothing. Then, I got busy, and I missed it. When I started, I thought in 2012 I would focus on one post a week instead of one a day, but I think that I will do the one-a-day post again. It doesn’t matter what’s posted, as long as something is. This should encourage further pattern enhancements.

So, here’s to 2011.

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Vanilla Extract: Poured

First, you set the extract. Next, you wait. Sifting follows. Then, you pour. The pouring was the hard part for me before, but I think I have a system down. Let’s back up and start with sifting.

  1. I had 3 full quart jars of extract. I set out an 8 cup liquid measuring cup. I sat a colander on top, and topped that with a cotton towel.
  2. I next emptied two-quart jars over the sifting mechanism.
  3. I used an 8oz ladle (the only measurable size I have) 3/4 filled, and poured it into my 4oz amber glass jars. I had a narrow mouthed funnel inserted into the top.
  4. I set the glass jar onto a small bowl lined with a paper towel to catch the drips, and there were drips!

Funneling the extract immediately through the colander and cotton towel into the large measuring cup saved time and simply felt more efficient. Ladling the extract into the 4oz jar was more accurate and cleaner. Previously, I filter from a smaller measuring cup into the 4 oz jars, still using the funnel. The ladle was a lot easier. I will be investing in a 4oz ladle.

See the photos start to finish.

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I’m intense, eh?

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My friend came over for a few minutes. We got her mail by accident. It was junk, but we hadn’t visited in a while, so it was a good excuse to chat. She discussed the Ayuveda diet with me. I took the test. I’m a Pitta, according to the test. Pitta is my Dosha.

I’m a skeptic, so I won’t comment further on the prescribed diets. I will say, it is correct with Tennis and Swimming as preferred activities!

But, it also said that I am intense. My friend seconded that notion, with a resounding, “You think?!”

So, I guess I’m intense.

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I am always intrigued when I am reflected back, to me, through someone’s eyes. Like, in yesterday’s (late night tonight) post about “No Worries” where my colleague commented on a philosophy of mine I didn’t realize I demonstrated often. But, then, conversely, when there is something like that laid back philosophy entrenched in my life … when that is shown in opposite by someone different. This happens with another, close to me, often. He often comments on the parts of my being that don’t come out very often. The parts of me that are scared or shy or fearful. The parts that I don’t show (maybe lack of opportunity?) to the rest of the world. I burned dinner one night. I don’t often burn dinner. But, something about the family’s lack of wanting to eat, to downright refusal, and coupled with the expectation to fix something different (mine? his?), on top of all those other stressors in life (was it a rough day at work? was another relationship giving me pressure?) … I couldn’t take it. I just started sobbing. I don’t even know if he noticed. There wasn’t a “no worry” thought at that moment.

Reflections are interesting. And, for me, it’s even more interesting at who holds what reflection about ourselves.

My food club people have one view of me, probably guided by the lens of “president”.

My son has a view of me with the “mother” realm.

My husband has a view of me with the “wife” role.

My co-workers have a view of me with the “Executive Assistant” role.

My fellow CAT members have a view of me as “Board Secretary”.

What I find tripely interesting about the varied roles is which hold power and what level, perceived that is. I am “President” of my buying club. What thoughts are conjured when we consider “PRESIDENT”? I am the “executive ASSISTANT” at work. What thoughts are conjured there? Assistant? Helper? Not manager? Not decision maker? Just a secretary? The One With All The Answers?

A tricky balance point has been balancing that perceived power, especially when roles overlap and the perceived power overlaps.

How we are reflected back to ourselves…

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