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I have this recurring neck issue. It happened before, but now more often with being employed. It happens while I sleep, during the day, or when I’m carrying my laptop bag and a purse (most recently). Something gets hitched up, and suddenly, I cannot turn my neck to the left.

This really puts me in a pickle, say when driving! and having to check those pesky blind spots. And, of course, my dear job is 20 miles one way, so that’s 30-45 minutes of needing to check those blind spots! Bah humbug!

So, my original chiropractor’s office had a brochure on acupuncture. I have never explored alternative medicine for any of my ails simply because our insurance doesn’t cover it, and we need to stay within the confines of covered insurance. This nifty little brochure has a large list of what acupuncture can help with. The top two on my list? Stiff neck and thyroids.

So, yea, now I want to visit an acupuncturist because this neck thing keeps coming back no matter how many times I visit a chiropractor and I am leery about getting my thyroid nuked for a second time.

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