Pukefest 2010 Redux - 1

Levi sitting on his daddy's lap, ill, the night before Thanksgiving. Image by alexis22578 via Flickr

Zero to puke in 2 seconds. “Engine store, let’s go to the engine store.” It was all about the engine store, and then nothing. Quiet. Silence. Nearly a nap. It was a simple errand to the grocery store less than 2 miles away to get some last minute Thanksgiving things.


I peak over and it looks like he’s ready to nap. We park the car. I get our little boy out. But, it is clear we cannot go into the store. He coughs.

You know, that cough. That cough that always proceeds puking.

It wasn’t a lot when all was said and done. But I wonder how we can go from very energetic boy (who, granted, didn’t show much of an appetite all day long), to boy-with-stomach-flu.

These toddler tummies are amazing little inventions.

So, we get home. We put in Cars. I heat soup instead of the planned pre-Thanksgiving hamburgers.

Little boy doesn’t eat, and near the end of the movie begins to fall asleep!

Oh my! How they show they are under the weather.

He obligingly let me undress and then dress him in pajamas. He crawled, willingly into bed, but we did have to read two books first. The books of late being CAT and The Cat and the Hat.

Confession: our toilet is (was) gross. I’ve been busy, and it had been way too long since I took the necessary 20 minutes to clean the toilet and sink in our bathroom. Guilt rang an all-time high when we visited pre-pajamas.

So, boys are in bed, my computer needs assuaged, I decide to tackle the bathroom.

I finish, but then I hear a whimper. A moan. I sad noise.

The little boy awoke from his nearly 2 and half hour slumber. We go to the bathroom, but barely dry heaves. (At least it’s clean now!) He is very unhappy and is able to tell me his tummy does hurt.

Then, as quickly as the crying, moaning, whimpering started, it stops. And, my little boy tells me wants the pink medicine now (Benadryl, as told by our pediatrician that it can calm nausea).

So, we go into the kitchen, and I offer our small person a very small dose of the pink medicine. And, he wants to go back into his room to read the aforementioned two books.

This time, the reading was very different. Rather, the listener was very different. Then, he was quiet, sleepy – tired. Now, he was interactive and giggly.

Zero to puke and back again in seemingly no time at all.

The toddler tummy truly is amazing.

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