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Wowsers! Week one at my new job (SOLV) is done. They’ve even added me to the Staff page. I feel so honored, and so fortunate.

I love working. I love working for an organization that has a lot of really good goals. Volunteer-ism (close to my heart) and the environment (since about 5th grade) have been a big part of my life, my whole life. I feel so honored to have found a job that really seems to fit. That’s what I’ve wanted these last few years. Here is to hoping it works out for both sides.

Balance, though, is the constant challenge. I also love baking bread and sweet treats. I love home cooked meals and I squirm over anything boxed. Although, we do mix up the occasional box of Mac & Cheese. So, now I will be balancing 20 hours per week with alternating work schedules (my husband has been working 2nd shift the last few weeks), late and early mornings, and early and late nights. I have always had difficulty saying no – so now I’ll have to really shape up the things I’ve learned about Boundaries the last few years. Being able to compassionately draw that line to avoid self and familial burn out. That’s the goal.

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