A few days ago, a teacher friend of mine on facebook rallied how she hates homework.  What ensued was a day conversation between about 4 where the merits of homework were discussed.

“Amy” hates homework…I hate doing my own, helping the girls with theirs, and grading my students’. Can’t we leave school at school and enjoy being home at night? bah.

That’s what my husband would say.

But, don’t administrators take a view like it makes us stronger or prepares us for the workforce (where you do your job and come home and often the job stays at the job and home stays at home).

well i dont really know what their rationale is for it, but i have parents actually complain when i dont assign homework…on a short week for example. its busy work, pure and simple. the kids are not engaged and i am sure would do just as well without it. i would rather have them home reading a good book than writing spelling words 5 times each. anywho…

If you were my child’s teacher I’d never complain! Homework wouldn’t be a bad idea if each child was given assignments in areas they needed the extra practice in. We spend countless hours a week reviewing spelling words that she knows how to spell the second assigned. That in turn means I spend countless hours forcing her to rewrite words 10 x each when we could be reading, playing or just spending time together. Homework n the high school level?? I never see my kid during the week..It stinks!

I understand exactly what you mean! If it were up to me, I would have every student going home with a different assignment, just ONE. I am glad I brought this up, because I am definitely rethinking how I do things for next year. Now, that doesn’t help me much with my own kids.

“For starters, there are no data whatsoever to show that elementary school students benefit from doing homework. None. And even in high school there… See More’s only a modest correlation between time spent on homework and achievement – with little reason to think that the achievement was caused by doing more homework. Then there’s other evidence, including a brand-new study of TIMSS data from 50 countries, and it shows no positive effects from homework, even for older students. I wasn’t able to find any reason to believe that students would be at any sort of intellectual disadvantage if they had no homework at all.” as quoted by Alfie Kohn in The Homework Myth. Interesting… 🙂

The Homework Myth *thinks she’s found the perfect gift for Ren’s teachers this year”. There’s so little time for them to “just be kids” as it is. Out the door by 7:30.. home by 3:30…then add dinner, after school activities (band, sports), homework, and a shower..Then it’s back to bed. It’s little wonder that many parents do not know their teens. What I know is what’s been learned in the car or at the dinner table. She has no additional time for herself let alone her mother!

Amen sister 😛

I say you should give one assignment in each subject area and give it to them on Wednesday to turn in on the following Wednesday. You can grade Wednesday afternoon because it is short day and not take it home. Your students will probably be handing in better work and you are still teaching responsibility.

Ohhh Juliet- I like the Wednesday idea. As of now, I send the homework folder home on Monday and its due back Thursday (Friday for short weeks or students who were absent). As I understand it, we have to assign one Reading, Math, and Language Arts per night. I am considered a rebel by some just because I don’t give homework on Thursdays or weekends. I guess as my kids get older, I start to see the other side of it…and the other side is a pain! lol

I know parents who have complained and I plan on being that parent when Wyatt goes to school. If the teacher insists on homework then I am going to insist that I get a weekly folder of his work so that we can have week nights and the weekend to work on it according to our family schedule. Face it some nights you don’t have time to breath. … See More Academics are important but so are sports, arts, or whatever your family enjoys. I want a well rounded kid not one whos only goal in life is to pass the FACAT!

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