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by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

February 4, 2009


Categories: Family

I’m sitting here, with the laptop, watching Jay, not tidying the house thinking about bed and reading silly books.  Tonight was Liam’s 5th birthday party.  I often use Liam’s age as a marker for how long I’ve been in Portland.  I’ve been here for 5 years now.  My Aunt Betsy lived in Portland for 5 years and then she moved back to Michigan.  Often, Betsy would comment how she misses how beautiful Oregon is and wonders why she moved back.

Liam’s party was at Pietro’s Pizza, a local “Chucky-Cheese” type establishment, with Pizza (of course) and games, complete with tokens and tickets with which to win prizes.  I was quite worried about how Levi would do.  But, Kate, as assuredly as she always is, reminded me that the party was on a Tuesday and it was certain to be not very busy.  And, it wasn’t, much to my enjoyment.  Levi always does so well with others.  He’s such a flirt, and in some ways it does him well.  There were two little girls who were quite nice (under 5 each), and the one little girl, loved Levi’s cheeks.  He didn’t seem to mind when she kept coming over and squishing his cheeks, not unlike a curious elder Aunt.

We didn’t do much visiting with the Birthday Boy, but he was quite busy with his friends and the environment of Pietros.  He was very polite and enjoyed all of his presents.

Levi and I played the car game three times and we found a machine that gave you tickets when you put in tokens.  It was a type of game, although I’m still puzzling exactly how.  There must be some method to it, unbeknownst to me, where you put the token in and you can get many or no tokens.  We cashed out 85 and bought a toy for Daddy.  Levi loved the car games.

While we were waiting at the ticket counter to cash in, a boy about 11 came up and asked me to get someone.  I was taken aback, why should I?  Then, I realized.  I’m the adult in this situation.  I’m the one who’d be in charge.  I’m now the type of person I’d go to 19 years earlier if the roles where reversed.  I know I’ve been getting older.  I was very excited when my 30th birthday hit.  Some people freak out when they get past 25, but I was excited to turn 30, it was like a milestone I wanted to reach like turning 16, 18, and 21.  A few months after my 30th, though, I found out I was old.  When I sold books door-to-door, I was 19 and often mistaken for 14.  And, now I’m getting old and the adult in charge.  It’s just a silly irony.  For so many years, I wanted to be in charge.  I wanted to be respected, the one people looked to for answers.  And, now I’m there.  I’m considered in charge by random 11 year olds and old by 22 year old classmates.  How the tides turn.

I suppose the synopsis of this blog is: I’m an adult who has been living in Portland for 5 years with a flirty son that girls like.

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