I am disheartened as I read today’s Oregonian.  The editorial board met for a whole hour last night to decide their unanimous opinion that Portland’s New Mayor, Sam Adams, should resign.

I have a lot of thoughts regarding this issue, but none of them are that he should resign.  What I’m getting angry about is the knee jerk reactions the editorial page, the news, and the letters to the editor all shout.  It reminds me of a little known biblical passage where the crowd shouts, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him!”

Now, Adams, clearly, is no J.C. But are we? I think not.  How does that other passage go? Who amongst you has not been blemished by sin that they can cast the first stone? Are we so Puritanical in our ideals (yes) that we cannot summon up any understanding?

Adam’s potential for Portland, what he could do to help move us towards a greener future far out weigh this scandal.  The reaction that is brewing, it would take a heartless person to not understand why Adam’s wanted this to be swept under the rug. Adam’s companion in this whole thing isn’t even casting any stones. So why should we?  There is no proof that the young man was under age while the relationship took place.  There is only proof by what the parties have said that a relationship took place.  In our Puritanical society (even Liberal Portland), can’t people simply just love?

I am not condoning his behavior.  I believe honesty is the best policy.  But, I also believe in forgiveness.  Let’s forgive, and keep forgiving, and move on and think what is truly for the greater good? A greener Portland is for the greater good, and Adams can honestly lead us down that path.


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