by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

October 7, 2008


Categories: The Balancing Act

Today, we were out driving for errands, and we got on the freeway to cross town.  This little Honda merged at 37 mph.  It was then I noticed the license plate said, “WE LIVN”.  And, then, as the driver merged to the right as we went left, we noticed the woman looked terrified to be on the freeway.  Terrified and living.  That’s what I call irony.


  1. Laura

    That looks delicious! Why did you switch blog platforms?

  2. Michelle

    I switched to Word Press because many of their features are more geared towards writers. There are some things that I like better or am more used to on Blogger, but Word Press seems better overall. The themes are more consistent, they track stats, they give you word counts in posts, and it’s easier to write a post and there are more post-… Read Moreformatting options that work better. So, the things that aren’t great outweigh those that are. The sidebars aren’t as easy to edit and somethings aren’t as intuitive as blogger.

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