2008 Vice Presidential Debate

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

October 2, 2008


Categories: The Balancing Act

Biden – Bailout, focus on middle class

Palin – Bailout, turns to parents, refers to parents, fear

How as vp would you work to shred this gap and polarization

Biden – I’ve done it my whole career,

Palin – talking to and about the American workforce, gretest in the world, she winked, wearing americna flag pin, new and different craving, send maverick from senate

Sub pirme lending meltdown, who’s at fault?

Palin – corrupting, Americans, let’s commit ourselves to never again, never exploited again, demand strict oversite form feds, not get ourselves in debt, don’t live outside our means

Biden – B.O. warned ,J.M always for cutting regs, wall street running wild, republican response, deregulate, overwhelming, belief wall street could self-regulate, those who say don’t go into debt can barely pay for gas,

Palin – darn right we need tax relief,

Biden – charge not true

Palin – mccain healthcare, $5,000 credit, (cost $12,500), purchase about state-lines

Biden – under mccain plan, 20 mil dropped. “Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere” healthcare

What promises have you and your campaigns won’t be able to keep?

Biden – slow down foreign assistance, don’t go forward w/mccain tax cuts, won’t hold up on providing incentives for new jobs, energy policy, cannot slow up on education (engine of growth/competitiveness), affordable healthcare,

Palin – B.S., energy plan obama, ‘had to take on oil companies’, had to break up monopoly in Alaska???, promised to do what is right for the American people, not a whole lot “I’ve” promised.

Biden – tax breaks, energy alts, likes what palin did in Alaska

Last congress passed bill made harder for homeowners to declare bankruptcy, mcain supported, would you?

Palin – yes, but… corruption and greed on wall street made known

Biden – for bill, obama against, mortgage holders paid the price, only 10% had been affected (gets complicated), Obama pointed out sub prime mortgage crisis 2 yrs ago, mccain surprised. Should now be allowing bankruptcy courts adjust interest rate and principle owed to help people from going under

Palin – not so, back to energy need to make nation energy independence key to uor future economic and national security.

Climate Change – what is true and what is false, causes

Palin – Alaska knows it’s real, not wiling to attribute all of mans activities, but real changes going on, don’t want to argue about causes, need to positively effect

Biden – clearly man made, IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CAUSE IS, IT’S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO COME UP WITH A SOLUTION, clean coal, export tech by investing in clean coal,

Palin – drill baby drill, billions of barrels of oil, clean green natural gas, pipeline largest & most expensive infrastructure, J&O said no to domestic options, nuclear, supports capping carbon emissions

Biden – hard targets for capping, how do we deal with global warming with continued CO2 emissions?

Do you support granting same-sex benefits to couples

Biden – yes, absolutely positively yes, no distinguishing between same-sex & hetero sexual couples

Palin – redefining traditional definition, I am “tolerant” have very diverse family and friends. Don’t support defining marriage as anything but one man and one woman.

Biden – don’t support ‘gay marriage’, decision left to faith. No civil rights distinguished between …

Foreign policy –



Nuclear Iran/Unstable Pakistan – greatest threat?

Biden – Pakistan already had nukes. Iran getting nukes would be very destabilizing.

Palin – General Patrais,


Palin – 2 state solution

Biden – Bush policy abject failure, thoughtful real-live diplomacy to back Israel.

Palin – both love Israel, yea. Huge blunders, as with every administration. Will leanr from past mistakes. Forge ahead, gov’t back on side of people.

Biden – how different is mccain policy than bush? Haven’t heard that.

Biden as an interventionist, is this something the American public has the stomach for?

Biden – American public has the stomach for success

Palin – playing up not being a Washington insider.

Check the Atlantic this month.

How would a Biden admin be different from an Obama admin?

Biden – national tragedy, I would carry out policy of reinstating middle class, fair break, health insurance, serous tax breaks, energy policy towards independence, clean environment and jobs, foreign policy that ends war in iraq, goes after mission of bin laden, engage allies, knew acting on same page not dictating, reject bush doctrine of preemption and regime change. Agree on every major initiative.

Palin – heaven for bid that would happen, ‘team of mavericks’, agree to disagree, need a bit of realty from Wasilla main street,


Palin – say it ain’t so joe

What is the vice presidency worth?



Single issue (policy) forced to change long-held view to change circumstances

Biden – yea, I can, only thing that mattered nominee judicial temperament, moral, good student. Hard to change, 5 years to realize that the ideology of the judge makes a big difference. Matters what your judicial philosophy is.

Palin – budgets passed did not vetoed, caved in, to get budget to work. No major principles had to compromise on, always find a way to work together on bi-partisan issues up there in Alaska, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Biden – question judgment not motive

Palin – appoint people regardless of party affiliation, diverse family, at the end of the day as long as we’re all working together for the greater good, it’s okay.

Closing statements

Palin – like being able to answer these tough questions, fight for our freedoms,

Biden – most important election ever voted in your entire life. Need for fundamental change. We measure progress in America on whether or not someone can pay their mortgage or send their kid to college. Or when they go abroad to fight they come home and are taken care of. Dignity and respect. Reestablish the bootstrap certitude in American society.


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