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by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

September 11, 2008


Categories: Family, Food

Levi is giving us a run for our money! Since he’s been getting enough protein, so for about a year now, his energy level has been on a constant spike upwards. He goes the moment he wakes up until the moment he sleeps. We can put him down, but unless he’s really sleepy, he will talk to himself or his stuffed animals from anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour! Then there will be silence until he wakes up. Usually naps have been lasting 2-3 hours and he sleeps all through the night. Yea! Night terrors no more!

Here are some photos of Levi helping his parents during this go-go-go of the past few days.

I made bread.

Levi helped, or wanted to.

He is learning to try things on. Maybe this means he’ll help clean the bathroom later!

Levi doesn’t have blocks, but he’s really good at improvising.

He likes chocolate chips (we were surprised to learn) and that reach is getting longer and longer.

Levi also tries on Daddy things, not just Mommy cleaning/baking gloves!

And, he loves helping Daddy. He even has his own real tool.

Finally, he’s basically mastered stairs. Yea, Levi!


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