Levi keeps getting bigger. It’s to be expected, for sure, he is a growing boy after all. But, it’s always a little strange when the transition occurs. During his first year, whenever we would go out, he would be fussed over by strangers. Some would want to pinch his cheeks, others would comment on the cuteness of our baby, and many would gaze fondly at our bundle of joy.

Now, Levi is looking more and more like a toddler as the days go by. Today, Levi and I ventured to the library so I that I was able to return some books and hopefully afford Peter much needed sleep. We were out from about 10:30am until nearly 2pm when we finally got home. During the 3 1/2 hours we were out, Levi received exactly 3 comments. One woman cutely asked if he was a freshmen after we left the PSU library. Another came from an older lady who wanted to make sure I knew he was missing a shoe. I did; I had captured it while he was still playing with it and put in the mesh bag of our new (used) $5 umbrella stroller. And, he received some stares for his staring from 2 passengers on the bus to downtown.

There were two babes on the streetcar we took from downtown to PSU. One 7 month old kiddo and one 11 month old girl. Both received multiple comments from other train passengers, while Levi received none. Since I prefer to sit at the back of a crowd and observe, this new ignoring by strangers comes as some comfort. But, there is a part of me that misses the attention our beautiful little boy received during his cuter, younger days. I wonder what this does to the psyche of us as we receive less and less attention as we get older. Levi, for example, is a ham. He loves attention getting and receiving, and he will put on a show to receive giggles and shouts from others. He usually responds quite well to attention paid him and responds in kind with smiles and flirts. I guess it just goes to prove what we already know, “It’s tough gettin’ old.”


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