Levi through June

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

June 27, 2008


Categories: Family

Not to sound cliché, but it’s really amazing watching my son grow up. He is this amazing little person who captures interesting aspects of both Peter and me and the rest of our family. He plays games like normal kids, and he tests limits like normal kids. Overall, though, I doubt we could be blessed with a happier kid.

Today, Levi really took off walking. Levi has done everything on his own schedule, even down to his teeth. His teeth are actually a very poignant example. He was cutting his first teeth since four months old, but no tooth really popped through the gum-line until he hit one year. Eight months of cutting teeth and baby Orajel! Likewise, everything else has been on his own timeline from when he rolled over first, sat up, stood up, and now walking.

Walking has been interesting. We are now at the point where parental comparisons seem to be at an all-time high. “My kid walked when he was 3 months and was speaking in full sentences by 5,” it seems the brags go. Every parent competing to see who really has the smartest kid. We know our kid’s smart, but how do you prove it when they aren’t walking on their own at nearly 17 months? You don’t is the bottom line.

But today, Levi did walk completely on his own, turning, falling, squatting, and getting up for almost an hour! He lapped that little living room rug countless times, and the entire time he was giggling and clapping, knowing what he’s accomplished. He can walk.

What crystallized for me, though, was an awareness of how well this kid knows himself, and at such a young age. We adults strive to ‘know thyself’ for a lifetime, and he’s got it right now. He has taken his time maybe because he’s aware that big ole head of his makes balance difficult. He practiced ‘downward facing dog’ for weeks and squats for several days, and tonight, did he use them!

I didn’t capture any video of our now walking-monster, but instead, I made a video capturing who this kid is. I hope you all enjoy.


  1. Jen

    Your little Levi is ADORABLE! So big from when I last saw you guys this fall!!

    I’m having such a hard time with the parental-bragfest, too. It’s tough having a nephew who was born 1 1/2 months after Maddie and has been hitting all the milestones before her. It’s a challenge for uber-competitive me to understand that all kids develop at their own rate, in their own time. Just ’cause your kid has a full set of teeth at 4 months and can stand on her own doesn’t mean she’ll get in to Harvard…

    But it’s still so amazing when Maddie does something new. I’m loving the small things – forget teeth, crawling, rolling over and walking. Her most important milestones for me include the first time she reached out for me, when pointed and at Dan and said “A-Da!” and when she grabs my ears, pulls my face close and tries to kiss me (forgetting to close her mouth of course).

    Congrats on Levi’s entrance to the walking world! I wish you the best of luck keeping up with him!

  2. Michelle Lasley


    Boy will we need luck keeping up with Levi! Now that he can walk… it was hard before… :O)

    I’m glad Maddie is doing so great, thanks for the reciprocal update!


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