Janey Greenlees

… In my [four years] experience with Michelle, I have found her to be a great asset for [the organization]. Michelle is very detail oriented and has outstanding follow through. She is a strong communicator and always asks for clarification if she does not understand something clearly. She listens and is always interested in finding more streamlined ways to complete a project. She is thorough in her work. She has an excellent ability to keep the big picture in mind, while managing small details. This is a skill that not many people possess.

Michelle has also been a great ambassador for [the organization] over the past [three] years… when everything was changing around her, she was calm and cool under some very pressurized situations … and always willing to try and learn and do things better… to make things run smoothly “next time.” I appreciate Michelle’s can do approach and her ability to accomplish things within the designated time frames.

David O. Dahl

Michelle is very [knowledgable] and a quick learner. Michelle kept good records and followed procedures. Michelle took advantage of our continued education program and enrolled in additional college courses to increase her marketable skills. Michelle was on time to work and [stayed] late to complete critical deadlines. Michelle was very personable and would fit well in any environment.

I would recommend [Michelle] to any firm that needs an efficient and diligent worker to help organize and streamline their business for better profitability.

Robert Barzler

[Michelle takes] on projects especially when [she knows she] can do it more efficiently than … I. [She has an ability] to quickly resolve confusion I have with systems I am less familiar with.  For instance, I never worked with Gmail before. [Michelle has] an innate sense of systems and [is] not easily confounded.  So [she has] often come to my rescue learning, for instance, [our in-house database] especially.