Public Beach, Pisa, Italy
Public Beach, Pisa, Italy

I have been so exhausted coming home lately, I haven’t been in the mood to write. It’s important to keep that habit and keep posting daily. So, the question then begins: what can I post quickly? Today, it was a browse through my photos.

I have been longing for a small vacation for some time. Needed refresh, maybe a mild adventure. So, why not post a photo of the last few days of my trip to Italy? This picture was taken along the public beaches of Pisa. It was evening, and this is a picture of the lite, and my shadow. I think this picture best encapsulates how I feel lately: needing a vacation and drawn out like my shadow here. I had hoped we would be able to take Levi traveling beginning when he’s five. Sure, we’ve had decent domestic travel, but something exotic is what I really crave. Here’s to hoping we can get on the same page to that goal.

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  1. I’m with you. I’m absolutely desperate for a foreign vacation. My list: Sweden for Midsummer, Greece, Italy, Spain and Australia.

    Domestic: Hawaii, Florida, California. (beaches, beaches, beaches)

    1. I want to go back to England and see things outside of London. … ya, a lot of revisiting my first (and only) Euro vacation, and then expanding.

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