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Writing About Writers Block

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I am not in the mood to write tonight. I am not in the mood to reflect. I am not in the mood to ponder. I am not in the mood to imagine. I am sleepy and still sick. I look at the dishes that need to be done, the food that needs to be put away, and I’m not in the mood for any of it.

I am excited the Green Bay Packers won. I am amazed it was against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 31-25. I lived in Pittsburgh for a little bit. 3 months. Plum Buro. Texas something lane. I worked in West Mifflin. I worked, selling books door-to-door. I learned all three professional teams, in Pittsburgh, have the same colors: red, gold, white, black.

But, I am a Yooper, born and raised – and that means my allegiance will always lie with the Packers. I lived on the Wisconsin Border when I was in kindergarten. We lived in the Upper Peninsula until I was 7 years old. We visited every year. I have a cousin who lives in Green Bay. My brother and his family visit Green Bay as the nearest “big city.”

I am a Cheesehead. I love the Green Bay Packers.

That’s all I want to write about tonight.

Now, I’ll begrudgingly put the food away. Scoop up a casserole for my husband’s lunch, and pack it away so I can sleep in past 5am, a day I have already call-in sick. Hopefully my voice will return and I will be able to breathe by tomorrow night. Hopefully by tomorrow night, I’ll be in the mood to write.

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