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Weekend Update

Not nearly as interesting as SNL, but something nonetheless. So, last Thursday was our four-year anniversary. I worked extra hours at work the previous few days, so I took the day off work (mostly). This allowed us to help out our community while doing some errands, and make a yummy meal. I was hoping to get to cookies, but that didn’t happen. Three loaves of banana bread, five loaves of sandwich bread, a chuck roast with vegetables, however, did happen.

And, then, I got pink eye. Seriously, PINK EYE. Currently, I am the only one in the house who has it. How I got it and no one else did is a mystery to me, but a relief thus far that I am the only one with this contagious disease. So, I didn’t do much this weekend except rest and read. But, we were out of mayo, so I did need to make that.

Mayonnaise is never broken. Repeat after me, “Mayonnaise is never broken.”

So, I mixed it up, whirring everything together with the remarkably faithful Black & Decker, and I realize that it’s not setting up the way it should. Oops! I forgot the acid: vinegar and lemon juice.

A food club friend coached me through unbreaking my mayo a few months ago, so I wasn’t worried. I took my two cups of broken mayo and poured into to my 4 cup measuring cup.

The contents thus far:

You can see the problem, can’t you? So, I started again. This time, with the pattern that has worked for me.

Standard ingredients and tools to make mayonnaise.
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  1. Dry ingredients
    • 2 Tablespoons mustard seed powder
    • Salt
    • (no more garlic, I don’t want it overpowering)
  2. Acid (poured while the blender is blending)
  3. Egg yolks, two, dropped in one at a time
  4. Broken Mayo & 2 Cups oil
    • It is very important this part is drizzled in
    • I started with about a 1/4 cup of the broken mayo
    • I then filled the 4 cup measurer with 2 more cups of oil
    • I slowly poured this mixture into the blender until it was well blended
    • Seriously, can’t underestimate GO SLOW

Et, voila! We have mayo! And, now my husband was able to eat, in peace, his leftover burger since momma was doing no cooking tonight! Crisis averted.